What topics do OMI certifications cover?

Currently, OMI offers four entry-level courses under Level 1: Digital Marketing Essentials & 10 advanced courses under Level 2: Integration and Execution. Level 1: Digital Marketing certifications offers foundational knowledge on a range of digital marketing topics from SEO to Email marketing. Whether you’re just getting started in online marketing or you’re familiar with online marketing but want to get the most up-to-date information, you’ll learn the basic principles of successful digital marketing with practical training and professional guidance.

Level 2: Integration and Execution certification courses covers an individual digital marketing discipline such as Social Media or Web Analytics. Since no specific discipline is an island onto itself, but rather functions as a piece of the online marketing puzzle, each of these courses teaches you not only how to execute a program in a chosen discipline, but to integrate that discipline with the others.

A full list of certification courses can be found here:


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